Modern Technology Line

Parallel Ltd. is capable of producing high quality products thanks to the modern automated technology line equipped for the the production process.


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Own Laboratory

Parallel Ltd. does quality control of all materials and products in its own laboratory.


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High quality Polyurethane Foam

Parallel Ltd specializes in the production of Polyurethane Foam. Located in the town of Sevlievo, approximately 200 km away from Sofia in the central parts of Northern Bulgaria and has a total area of 50 000  м2.


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Eco Friendly Products

Parallel Ltd. has а proactive approach in controling the production lines aiming to prevent the ecological risks and to preserve nature's resources.



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Who are we?

Company PARALLEL Ltd. is specialized in the production of polyurethane foam.

It is located in the town of Sevlievo that is about 200 km away from the city of Sofia in the central northern part of Bulgaria on an area of around 50 000 sq. m.

The machines for production and cutting are made by leading companies in this sphere from Germany and Italy.

It is possible sheet material with minimum thickness of 3 mm and rolls with thickness of 7 mm to be cut, as well as elements with complex profiles with a pattern provided by the customer. 


High quality polyurethane foam Excellent technical equipment Team of professionals
50 000 sq. m. manufacturing facility   Our own laboratory 100% comfort and health
Product range

Thanks to the modern and automated production line, the company is able to produce high quality products with different characteristics.


N 2
Kovafoam N - standard foam

Polyurethane foam designed for garden and soft furniture, mattresses, chairs, backrests, seats. 

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Kovafoam NE - additionally softened foams

Additonally softened standard foams for meeting the special requirements for quality and comfort. 

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HR 2
Kovafoam HR - highly elastic foams

Highly elastic foams for the production of luxory soft furnitures, pillows, backrests and armrests.


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V 2
Kovafoam Visco - viscoelastic foams

 Viscoelastic foams (memory foams) for producing luxurious matresses, soft furnishings and pillows. 

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Kovafoam CME - standard low flammable foams

The polyurethane foam Kovafoam CME is suitable for making seats, soft furniture, mattresses and other products intended for public buildings and rooms with special requirements. 

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V-FR 2
Kovafoam Visco FR - viscoelastic low flammable foams

The viscoelastic low flammable foam KOVAFOAM  VISCO FR is suitable for making pillows, luxury mattresses and soft furniture for the furnishing of hotels, public buildings and rooms with special requirements. 

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KOVAFOAM- a leader at the market in the production of Memory Foam


Polyurethane foam is a revolutionary, termosensetive product, created and certified by NASA.

Kovafoam by Parallel Ltd, is taking care for your comfort wherever you are.


As a leading producer of polyurethane foams in Bulgaria, we offer our partners and clients high quality products, which deliver an essential difference in the sensations for comfort and cosines.

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New types of Kovafoam foams with improved characteristics


Parallel Ltd. successfully finished the second stage of the "Competitive Development" program named " Developing of new types highly elastic and viscoelastic foam and their usage in mattresses and soft furnishings"

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