Environmental protection

Защита на околната среда

PARALLEL Ltd. declares its commitment to the Sustainable Development where Caring for the Environment and Safety are central for the managing policy and the corporative culture. They are inextricably bound to our business philosophy “We shall work conscientiously and responsibly by giving our best every day in order to serve the society, to protect the natural resources, as well as the health and the comfort of any living creature.”

We continuously invest in equipment and implementation of procedures that improve the quality of the products produced and reduce the waste, which together with the research and development activity contribute to the sustainable development of the Company.

PARALLEL Ltd. takes a proactive approach in the management of its production lines in order to prevent environmental risks and to preserve the natural resources. We declare that we maintain a constant exchange of information on environmental issues not only with the various administrative structures bur with all groups interested in ecology.

PARALLEL Ltd. considers safety as one of the most important corporative values and in this regard were developed detailed Safety Action Plans that ensure the consistent implementation of the safety measures in the Company.

A Road Map to Safety was approved as well as a strategy for the development with clearly defined measures and initiatives for healthy and safe environment. Due to the specifics of polyurethane foam production and the use of the so called “risk facilities” that are subject to control, PARALLEL Ltd. strictly observes the requirements of the Regulations on Measures to Prevent and Limit the Consequences of Major Accidents in Activities Involving Hazardous Chemicals.