Поточна линия

PARALLEL Ltd. produces polyurethane foam using the most modern technology that allows the blocks to be of extremely high quality and to have excellent operating characteristics. 


The Company uses the method of continuous casting according to the MAXFOAM technology that has a lot of advantages compared to the standard process:

  • The specific design of the production line allows the better mixing of the chemicals.
  • It ensures the maximally even density distribution within the volume of the block.
  • Minimal loss of materials and raw materials.
  • Fully automated production process with CNC machines that ensure the maximum accuracy and precision.

A fully automated line for cutting was implemented by which the control is exercised at every stage of the technological process. The innovative equipment allows the production of sheets of polyurethane foam with minimal thickness of 7 mm, cores for mattresses and elements with complex profiles with patterns provided by the customer. The modern line is equipped with a Center for horizontal and vertical cutting which by using the latest CAD technology for automated cutting in horizontal, vertical and profile direction allows the production of profiles with complex three-dimensional shapes.   

The technological park allows the production of wide range of polyurethane foams – standard, standard softened, highly elastic and low flammable. 


A new technology was implemented for the production of water-based highly elastic foam for which are used raw materials that do not pollute the environment.